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Know more about these kinds of coffee makers (brewing methods): drip type, french press, and the vacuum pot.

Before we know more about the kinds of coffee makers, there are two things we need to know:

First, what coffee makers or brewing methods we choose affect the taste of coffee and second, there is no best way to prepare coffee but we know that there are better ways than others.

With the many brewing methods because of the coffee makers, we shall see which one fits your lifestyle and determine which coffee maker is best for you.

Now, let us take a look at three kinds of coffee makers (brewing method) we use and these are the drip coffee maker, the French press and the vacuum coffee maker.

Drip coffee maker

If you love coffee, most probably drip coffee maker is the one you use since it's the most popular and have been in most homes since the 70s.

But the question is, which drip coffee maker do you use? The automatic or the manual?

Getting an automatic drip coffee maker is best used for a bigger crowd since it can produce good coffee in a short amount of time.

The problem with this is that sometimes these coffee machines brew water that isn't hot enough thus the brew takes too long. A solution to this is get a higher wattage so that it has more power to heat water faster.

Go for a wattage ratings of at least 850 watts and if you can find a 1,000 watt coffee maker then go for it.

As for the manual drip coffee maker, it is actually easy than most people think and the best part of this you control the water temperature - something that's really important in making great coffee. If you don't have the time and the effort to separately boil water and watch over it, then there are other kinds of coffee makers out there for you to choose.

French Press

This is also known as the plunger pot and many believe that this produces the most "body" to a cup of coffee because of its high coffee to water ratio.

The process of making coffee through a French press is started by letting the ground coffee steep in hot water for a few minutes and slowly you push down or plunge a finely perforated screen to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee.

Using the French press might be simple but it comes with a few disadvantages since coffee quickly cools down while you wait for it to steep. If you don't like coffee sediments at the bottom of your coffee then this might not be something you're looking for.

If you're going to look for a French press, keep in mind to buy a metal filter screen and not a nylon mesh. And also, there is a risk of breaking the carafe so we suggest you buy a wider knob to push down the screen.

Vacuum coffee maker

Since when did any of the different kinds of coffee makers look like a science project? Well, since 1840 when people started using the vacuum coffee maker or pot. It's been around for a long time now and the reason is simple: it works! If you want rich coffee experience the vacuum coffee maker is the way to go. But how does this work?

This consists of double glass globes where water that comes to a boil in the bottom globe is forced up in the second globe where it mixes with the coffee grounds. It then is pulled back to the bottom while passing through a filter. The principle behind this is that it is based on expansion and contraction of gas, which is water vapor.

This method requires only heat for the water to make it work but it is really hard to clean.

We seldom use this but if you have time and you enjoy style, this would be great for your weekend morning coffee or just to impress some of your guests.

There are other kinds of coffee makers but we tackled these three first. In future articles, we shall share with you how to prepare using a stovetop, percolator, flip drip, and ibrik or cezve in Turkey - different kinds of coffee makers with different ways of preparing.

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